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Textbooks on mechanical design


We also provide in company courses on design principles. Depending on the pre-existing knowledge of the participants and the goal of the course, the training will be tailored to your needs.
Subjects to choose from are:

  • Introduction – Why use design principles, what makes it so difficult
  • Predicting system behaviour, calculating system stiffness
  • Predicting system behaviour, calculating element stiffness and loadability
  • Predicting system behaviour, calculating contact stiffness and loadability
  • Predicting system behaviour, static characteristics, hysteresis, microslip
  • Selecting strategies, manage degrees of freedom (exact-constrained design and elastic averaging)
  • Selecting strategies, minimize the deviation of the true value with respect to the target value
  • Selecting strategies, how to prevent relative movement
  • Selecting strategies, how to facilitate relative movement (for example flexure mechanisms)
  • Practical session, review of cases brought in by attendees

If you are interested in a training design principles for your company, please fill in the contact form.